Children's Learning and Development

At Bramley Grange Childcare we ensure a high quality learning environment both indoors and outdoors with well trained, caring and committed professionals. We know that children’s well-being has a significant impact on their learning and development so happy safe children is our primary aim in order to support children’s learning and progress. Staff observe children regularly in order to inform their planning and ensure that each individual child’s needs are met. Observations and planning focus on the 7 areas of Learning & Develeopment;

– Personal, Social & Emotional
– Physical
– Communication & Language
– Mathematics
– Literacy
– Understanding the World
– Expressive Arts & Design

Play is at the heart of our curriculum and we balance child led activities with more focused adult planned experiences. Play is children’s work … pay us a visit and we feel sure that you will see how hard our children work at nursery and how much they are learning.

We know that parents are the biggest influence on children’s lives which is why we place so much importantance on working in partnership with parents.