Nursery Education Funding Attendance Policy

Statement of Intent

Bramley Grange works with children and parents to ensure that we deliver early education to a high standard and provide planned learning activities to help children to progress towards achieving the Early Learning Goals.


To this end we will make every attempt to ensure that eligible children attend as many sessions as funding has been received for, bearing in mind occasional sickness or holiday absences.

We will monitor attendance for Nursery Education Funded children on a weekly basis, and follow the procedure below for any cases of non-attendance or erratic attendance.


If it becomes evident during weekly monitoring of attendance that a child is failing to attend all their requested early education funded sessions we will;

Erratic / non-attendance for 2 weeks.

    1. Have an informal discussion with the child’s parent / guardian to see if there are any problems which are preventing full attendance.

Erratic attendance for a further 2 weeks (4 weeks totalled).

    1. Request a formal parent / guardian meeting to discuss the implications of attendance levels on the child’s progress and place availability.
    2. Offer a reduction in sessions funded as a possible solution.
    3. Diary / note this communication.
    4. Inform Calderdale CIS if funded sessions have been reduced.

Non-attendance for a further 2 weeks (4 weeks totalled).

    1. If no contact or resolution can be established with the parent / guardian, take this period in lieu of the 4 weeks’ notice period.
    2. Diary / note this decision .
    3. Complete a ‘Child Leaving Form’ and submit to Calderdale CIS within 5 working days.

Erratic attendance beyond 4 weeks.

    1. If no resolution can be obtained prior to this period, contact Calderdale CIS to inform them of the situation and attempts to address it.
    2. Diary / note this communication.

In compliance with;

  • A Code of Practice on the Provision of Free Nursery Education Places for Three – and – Four Year Olds.
  • Local Guidance for Nursery Education Funding.

If you would like a PDF copy of this policy you can download it here